~Spoiler Maybe~ 

Thank you Mojang! :D

Me: “This but a scratch.”

Optifine: “Your arm’s off!”

Me: “I’ve had worse. Come on you pansy!”

Creative Mode Time

Just a thing I am working on.

~ Spooky! ~

Happy Halloween, minecrafters! Have you built something scary?

Look At This Skelly!

A Skeleton spawned wearing not a helmet, but a pumpkin head! Didn’t know this was even possible.

Black dyed collar

Yeah! It looks awesome.

Creates a new world on Minecraft. Type: “Large Biomes”. Spawns in a tiny island in an Ocean Biome, without a single tree. 

1.3 it’s finally out!

Emeralds (pictured above is the emerald block), trading, tripwires, wooden logs can be placed sideways, sandstone stairs & etc… What addition is your favorite in the 1.3 update?

Furnaces House - Inside

I’m working on the interior of the furnaces house. Maybe it is too small for a cobblestone generator.

"Furnaces House"

This is an attempt to do a nice-looking building for my furnaces, where I can smelt some ores and stones. I need a design for a compact cobblestone generator to put here too.